Microsoft Outlook is one of the best E-mail clients which comes along with Microsoft Office. Outlook helps to configure the mails in our system and store the mails to our hard drive. With outlook you can also read the emails offline. Outlook will configure the mails based on POP & IMAP settings. Lets see How To Configure Gmail in Outlook. I have made this tutorial based on Microsoft Outlook 2013. You can follow the similar steps on other outlook versions.

Before you start, read in-depth on “How To Guide to Enable and Configure POP and IMAP in Gmail”, which helps to enable POP or IMAP option in your Gmail, once you done, you can start using your Gmail with Outlook client.

How To Steps:

1. Open Outlook. Click on “File” Menu and select “Add Account”.

2. Now a pop up window will open to configure mail. Enter Your Account Name, Email Address, Password and Click “Next“.

3. Now outlook will automatically detect the required settings from the Gmail server using the username and password, you have provided.
4. Once done you will get a message like in the screenshot. Now you can Click “Finish“.

5. Now your Gmail along with folders will be visible in the outlook.


By default outlook detects Gmail IMAP settings. You can also change it to POP3 using manual setup.

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