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How To Connect and Access External Harddisk on LeEco Le 2

LeEco Le 2 is one of the fast moving budget smartphones in India, If you are not aware of the phone, check out the detailed review and FAQ sections about the phone which we have already posted on this blog. Apart from that, I have been also sharing some of the tricks and how to guides about Le 2. Le 2 comes with 32 GB internal memory and there is no additional microSD card slot available on the phone, instead of that the phone supports OTG. You can connect pen drives and even a hard disk to the phone through OTG if you require additional space.

I have tested connecting my pen drive and 1 TB WD My Passport Ultra to Le 2. The phone easily detects both of them and there is no lag or slowness while connecting the 1 TB hard disk. With 3 GB RAM, the phone works well and fast, you can easily access, transfer the files from the device to hard disk and the vice versa.

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In this post let me show you how to connect the Hard disk to LeEco Le 2 Smartphone.


1. Le 2 Smartphone.
2. USB Type-C OTG.
3. External Hard disk.

How To Steps:

Step 1: Connect the Type C OTG to your smartphone.

Step 2: Connect the hard disk cable to the other of the OTG.

Step 3: If few seconds you will get a popup on your phone View OTG Storage, tap on Open. You can see the contents of the hard drive.

You can use the default File Manager to view, transfer contents from phone to hard disk and the vice versa.

Check out the Video Demo:

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