Recent smartphones are having much features and one of them was connecting the removable external storage devices like pen drives, card readers, etc., Recently i bought Micromax Canvas 2.2 [A114] smartphone and this phone as also enabled with this feature. Through this feature now i’m directly connecting my pen drives/card readers to the phone and access all the files instead of opening the laptops.

To connect your pen drive to the smartphone you need OTG cable, which is now available in all electronic and mobile shops or you can buy it online via any online shopping websites.. It is not much expensive and available in varies price range. Well, i bought my OTG cable for only Rs.75 /- [Price in INR]. Lets see how to connect pen drive/card readers in this smartphone.


Requirements :
1. OTG Cable.
2. Pen drive/Card readers
and obviously
3. Micromax canvas 2.2 [ A114 ] smart phone.

How To Steps:

1. Connect your OTG cable to your smartphone and then connect your Pendrive/card reader.
2. Once connected your phone will prompt for change of default Writing Disk. Here you can press “Cancel” because we are using this device for a temporary use.

How To Connect External USB Storgae to Micromax Canvas 2.2 [A114] SmartPhone (1)
3. Navigate to “Storage Settings” and at the bottom you have options to “Mount”, “Unmount”, “Erase” USB Storage under “External USB Storage” column.

How To Connect External USB Storgae to Micromax Canvas 2.2 [A114] SmartPhone (2)
3. Now Open “File Manager” and there you can see your “External USB storage” .

How To Connect External USB Storgae to Micromax Canvas 2.2 [A114] SmartPhone (3)
4. You can access, copy, paste, delete any files from your pen drive/card reader directly from your phone.

Hope you like this tutorial.

  • keerthi sk

    Hey i trust u can solve this recently i have bought canvas 2.2 whenever i connect usb (pendrive) it says external storage may be damaged.what should i have to do,should i have to root my device.or is there any restictions to connect pendrive to phone because i have 16gb ntfs formatted pendrive should i have to change to fat or another…plz help me.or email your suggestions to [email protected]

    • Hi Keerthi,

      Please format your pendrive with FAT32 and then try to connect.

      No need to root your device to use pendrive.


  • Raz

    And as a follow up to my recent post let me inform you, Ashok, that I never had that problem while connecting my USB MP3 player to my computer. Never!

  • Ankish

    My smartphone is not connect to external usb storage when once connected my phone will does not prompt for change of default Writing Disk. Please tell me what i am do.