Today i have small tip for Twitter Android Users. There is a way to copy tweet text in your android app but it depends on the mobile brands. In Micromax canvas series android phones i have tested and you can copy all the tweet messages. Lets see the how to steps on Micromax Canvas series Android phones.

How To Steps on Micromax Canvas Series Android Models :

1. Open the Tweet message in your android app.
2. Just touch and hold on the message for a seconds and it will show a pop up message like “Text Copied to Clipboard”.

3. Then you can paste it any where.

  • shelina

    This has now, sadly, been discontinued by twitter.

  • Nasir

    its not working when i have update twitter today morning.

    • In the latest twitter update, this feature is not working. Let me the other possible way if i find any. For now you can copy the tweet with tweet link and share.

      • Ahmed Delaim

        Yeah it was very very usefull feature to me , pls if u know how to down grade twitter atleast or another way tell us.

        • Please update your Twitter App, In the recent Update, they brought back the copy tweet option.


          • Ahmed Delaim

            Thank you for notifing me and yeah they brought back the feature.