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How to Create an Email Signature for Gmail

An email signature is a unique feature that every business should aspire to have. Why is there so much emphasis placed on having a great email signature? This is because it shows customers and your business partners that you are serious and dedicated when doing business.

An email signature is a block with a couple of sentences, containing your main info like contacts, that places at the end of any email you send. It gives people an idea of what to expect from your business.

Email signatures have a significant effect on marketing since they allow you to improve the relationship you have with customers. While signatures have the same basic features including the name of your business and contact details, some additional features can be included to make it more unique. Your email signature gives people information about you or your business. So make sure you include your contact details so that customers can be able to contact you.

So, How to Make Your Signature for Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms across the world with more than a billion users. This includes both individuals as well as business enterprises. Because of the wide popularity associated with Gmail, it is a great way for you to reach people and tell them about your products or services.

Gmail has surpassed other emailing platforms like Hotmail because it is more user-oriented, making it feasible for both large and small businesses. Also, because all Google services are combined, it’s easy for you to navigate using a single interface. Gmail also gives users more than 10 GB of storage space. Not bad?

So how do you create an email signature for Gmail? You can either create one by yourself or seek professional help. Here are some things you should remember that will guide you so you can create the perfect email signature for Gmail. Once you create your email signature, it will be added automatically to any email you send.

1. Activate your email signature

When you open a Gmail account, there is no email signature by default. For you to change this go to the settings and remove “no signature” to activate it.

2. Write your details

Once you have activated your email signature, you can then start adding your information. Add your name and what you do. This is the part where you can write the name of your business as well.

3. Contact info

Once you have written your details proceed with adding your contact information. This includes:

  • Phone number,
  • Email address,
  • Address,
  • Website.

When you write your contact information, make sure it is up-to-date. Make sure your email address has a link so that it would be easy for people to send you emails.

Also, add any social media platforms that people can use to connect with you. The best way is to place social media icons. You have to download the icons on your computer before you add any social media platforms. To do this go to the settings and place the cursor below the text of your email signature. Then click on “add image” and upload the icon you want to use. After uploading it, click on the icon and using the link button, place the URL of your social media page.

4. Put your logo

A logo makes your email signature unique and is a representation of your brand. Adding a logo will make it easier for people to recognize emails that you send. To add a logo or image, click on “Add image” and select the image of your choice. It is best to use small and medium-sized images when creating an email signature.

5. Call-to-action

A call-to-action is the best way to make sure customers have the response you want. It should be simple and short. It can be an invitation to your blog, to see extra content, to participate in a webinar or buy a product

6. Format

Why should you pay attention to formatting? First of all, email signatures don’t have an external CSS which is responsible for how the HTML code is displayed. Then the HTML attributes of your email signature may not be compatible with other emails that your customers use. To avoid this, format your email signature so it appears the same every time. Select the text and use the formatting bar to format your email signature.

7. Save

Once you have done this, you should click save changes. If you want to make any changes in the future you can do so by going to settings and adding or removing any text or images. Remember that the email signature should just have a few lines (4-5 lines).

Usually, the email signature will have a signature delimiter which is added automatically. The signature delimiter is used to separate the body of the email and email signature. For a more professional email signature for Gmail, you can use templates from NEWOLDSTAMP to generate a unique email signature for your business.

In conclusion, your email address is important. You should put an effort into creating one which is both unique and professional since it helps you with marketing. If created properly, it can facilitate the work of your marketing team leading to more efficiency.

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