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How to Create and Manage Your Email Account in cPanel

Over two million websites use cPanel today (Built With) and a new one is made every six seconds, according to cPanel official stats. The majority of these websites are unique in some way, but all of them need an email account. One of the main benefits of cPanle is that this software makes creating and managing this account very simple.

How to Create an Email Account in cPanel:

  1. Log into your cPanel account and click the Email Accounts icon. You’ll find it in the Mail section of your account.
  2. Once Email Accounts is opened, you’ll be offered to set the name for your account. Note that the part of the address following @ will already be set by your domain. You only get to choose the part that goes before the domain. Choose something simple and memorable. However, above all, you should pick a name that will point to the purpose of the email. For example, go with simple [email protected] or [email protected]
  3. Set the password for your new cPanel email account. The slot for it will be right under the address and a tool for evaluating the strength of the password at the bottom of the page. As cybersecurity is a pressing issue, be sure to set the strongest password you can. It should contain no less than 20 symbols including numbers and letters in varied registers. Above all, it has to be completely random.
  4. Choose the maximum quota for your email account. This option will be offered to you as the next step and you need to consider this carefully. You shouldn’t have any limits in this quota if you choose the best cPanel hosting. Otherwise, the size of your email box might be severely limited. Note that the hosting service also determines how many email accounts you can set up, so choose it very carefully. When setting the email quota, go with the highest possible option (Unlimited is always best). Even for a small business, emails can quickly pile up and the ‘standard’ 100-250 MB will fill very fast. This can cause you to lose important messages.
  5. Confirm your choices after you click Create Account.

How to Manage Your cPanel Email Account:

Management procedures of your email account are as simple and basically follow the same steps as the setup. You will also need to log into your cPanel account and choose Mail. Then, you click on the Email Accounts icon and choose the one you want to manage. Depending on your host you can have one or multiple accounts per domain.

Once you choose the account you want to manage now, you’ll have four options:

  1. Change Password
  2. Change Quota
  3. Configure Mail Client
  4. Delete

There are also additional options for Access Webmail and Configure Calendar and Contacts Client. Click on the More tab to access them.

When you decide what you need to do, simply click on the necessary option and follow the simple step-by-step instructions offered by the system. The change of password and quota will only take a few steps, while the Mail Client configuration will have a bit more options.

If you change the password, pay close attention to the ‘strength’ bar. cPanel will evaluate it for you and you shouldn’t pick anything with the score of less than 70. Never forget that a weak password is the main vulnerability of your email and most common route for hackers to get in.

Using a password generator offered by the panel itself is an effective way to get a secure password within moments. Just be sure to save it in your own secure password management solution as memorizing a string of random letters, numbers, and symbols will be quite difficult.

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