Microsoft Outlook’s one of the inbuilt feature is “Rules”.

In simple words “Rules” is nothing but a feature which reduce the work load of the outlook users. With Rules you set the default values and settings on how the mail will be moved to concerned folder, whether we need to get alert for the same or not and so on. You can also filter the contents with keywords like specific subject, sender and lots of user defined conditions.

In this tutorial will provide the steps to Create Rules and how to export the same [which can be sent and used on future].

Note : We made this tutorial based on Microsoft Outlook 2013.

How to Steps :

1. Open Outlook.
2. Navigate to the Home Tab in the ribbon menu and there you can see Rules [As shown in the screenshot]

Screenshot (44)
3. Click on Create Rule and in the pop up specify the conditions and click apply rules.
4. Now the Rules will be applied and That’s it.

How to Steps to Export the Rules:

1. To export the Rules first you need to create any rules as said in the above steps.
2. Navigate to the Home Tab in the ribbon menu and there you can see Rules.
3. Click on “Manage Rules & Alerts” and in the pop up window Click Options.
4. Now you will prompt for the window with Export & Import Rules option.
Screenshot (45)

5. Click on Export and select the desired folder where you want to save the rules file.
6. That’s it.

what is .rwz :

.rwz is the file extension of outlook rules & alerts file.

Video Tutorial :

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”b-ZJeDfw6iw”]