Windows Library feature is make a time saver so that we can add our favorite folders to the library for quick access and you can also create your own library.

We are going to list out the steps to Create/Add Folders to Library in Windows. Well we have made this tutorial in windows 8 operating system and these steps will word in windows 7 too.

How to Steps to Create a Library:

1. Open My Computer and in the Left sidebar you can see the Libraries folder.

Screenshot (63)


2. Right Click on the Libraries Link and navigate to New->Library.

Screenshot (64)

3. Enter the name of your library and hit enter.

Screenshot (65)

How to Steps to Add folders to your Library:

1. Right Click on any folder that you want to add to your library.

2. Now navigate to Include in Library and select your library.
Screenshot (66)

3. Now the Library will update and the folder will be added to your Library.

Screenshot (67)

Screenshot (68)