Whenever we browse a website, the browser stores the cookies for that websites. Cookies are nothing but a small piece of information stored on browsers. The cookie information contains the user movements, login details, country, theme selection, preferences and functions about the particular website you browse. If you want clear all that information for a period of time, you can do that by using clearing browsing data option in the History Link in Google Chrome. But that will delete cookies for all the websites that you have browsed for that period of time.

I have simple steps to delete cookies from a particular site in Google Chrome browser. This will be useful to many of us.

How To Steps:

  1. Open the site which you want to clear cookies.
  2. Now Click on the View Site Information Icon located in the address bar, before the URL.
  3. A pop-up will display the cookie details with a link as shown in the below screenshot.
  4. How To Delete Cookies for Specific Website in Chrome-2Click on the link under cookies. From Cookies Window, Remove all the cookies stored on that site using Remove button. Once removed click on Close button.

How To Delete Cookies for Specific Website in Chrome

Now all the information store for that particular site will be cleared from Google Chrome.