USB debugging option in android phone is one of the amazing feature and before we start how to enable usb debugging in android phones, lets see what is usb debugging. This option has many features for example if you are an android app developer you can utilize the usb debugging option to test your apps in real time while developing it. USB debugging is also used for the activities like rooting the android phone, installing custom ROM, etc., Lets see how to see Enable USB Debugging in Android Phones.


How To Steps For Android 2.3 and Higher till 4.0 Version:

1. Open “Settings“.

2. Now tap on “Applications“.

3. Then go to “Development“.
Enable :  “USB Debugging” option.


How To Steps For Android 4.0 and Higher till 4.2 Version:

1. Open “Settings“.

2. Tap on “Developer options”.
Enable :  “USB Debugging” option.


How To Steps For Android 4.2 and Higher Version :

1. Open “Settings” and navigate to “About“.

2. Go to “Build Number” at the end of the page.

3. Tap that “Build Number” repeatedly for 7 times. But on the third tap, you will be presented with a message saying you only 4 more taps to be a developer. Therefore continue tapping till “Hooray, you are now a “Developer” appears, at this phase the go back to Setting page.

4. Now Developer Option will be included in setting list.

5. Launch “Developer Options”, then enable “USB Debugging” and click Ok.