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[How To] Get all Pictures viewed in Twitter Android App

Hi Android users, today we have a very useful guide on Twitter Android App. Daily we are using the Twitter app to read the tweets and while reading we came across many tweet pictures along with the tweets. Want to know how to download all the pictures you viewed or want to know what pictures you viewed earlier? Here is the solution for these questions.

Now lets see how to Get all Pictures viewed in Twitter App for Android

How To Steps:

1. Go To Twitter App in your android phone and browse any tweet pictures.

For example I’m visiting a tweet picture of Mine [@TechToLead].


2. Now connect your phone to PC as a USB Mass storage.


Screenshot (8)

3. Now Browse to the below path in your memory card.


E.g.: “D:Androiddatacom.Twitter.androidcachephotos” – this is my phone memory card path in my PC

4. Here you can see all the .0 files as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot (9)

5. Now Click on the .0 files and rename it as with .jpg like in the screenshot.

Screenshot (11)

6. Now Open the renamed image file, you can get the image you viewed in the Twitter Android app.

Screenshot (10)

Photo Credits : T2Lead.in

This is the Picture I viewed in my phone and now the same has been viewed in my PC. You can also copy your PC.

To rename all the .0 files to .jpg files at once check our tutorial on Batch rename File Extensions

Hope you need this tutorial. Post your comments/suggestions or post if have any alternate way to do so.

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