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How To get Google Now Command Examples in Google Now

Google Now is the personal voice assistant by Google. Google Now was especially available in android operating system and give the information to the users in their hand itself. Recently Google has upgraded it and made a card based views. You can have a voice command based assistant for GPS navigation, currency conversion, weather, meetings, messages, etc.,

Lot of Google Now commands are available, but of us not aware of the right command for each action. So in this case how to get the example/sample command for every task/action in Google Now itself. Here i have made a steps and video guide of how to get Google Now Command Examples in Google Now itself. Before you start checkout how to Change Google Now Notification Ringtone and Vibrate.

Google Now

How To Steps :

1. Tap on the Google search widget in your Android and type “OK Google” without quotes and search.
2. It will display the list of command examples for every task with more than one example which includes schedule meetings, reminders, call, directions, messages, play musics and movies, currency conversion, etc.,

You can use the command either by typing or voice to go with it.

Checkout the Video for Better Understanding on How To :

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”TqruyfFa-fc”]

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