Now you can use the “OK Google” hot word detection from anywhere of your android screen, even from the lock screen. Google has rolled out this update recently. This update is limited to phones running Android 4.4 KitKat and in some of the Android 4.3 phones. With this update you can say “OK Google” from anywhere, even if you are watching a video or playing games in your android and even from the lock screen. By enabling this feature, it consume little battery usage on your android. Similar to this feature Moto X users has a hot word detection and now its time for all the android users to experience this feature and this update is officially from Google. I have listed the steps to get and start with this update on Google Search.

Keep in Mind :
Make sure you’re having the latest version of Google Search app installed in your phone from the Google Play Store before enabling this feature. To get better results and if “OK Google” hot word detection was not available in your language, you can switch the input language to English – US to enable this feature.

How To Steps to get started with “OK Google” hot word everywhere :

1. Open Google Now and type “OK Google everywhere” in the search box.
2. Tap the menu button and choose “Settings > Voice > “Ok Google” Detection”
3. Now Check the options “From any screen” and “From lock screen”.


After enabling the feature OK Google from any screen, You’ll have to agree to the terms provided by Google, and then train the app what your voice sounds like by saying, “OK, Google” three times. Now you can use Google Now when using another app, or just after waking up your device.

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