All the device drivers like mobile, USB, pen drives, mouse, data cards, Wi-Fi, etc., need a driver software to work with windows.

If you’re not having any driver for one of the device, then you may need to search & download the same from Web, then need to install it. Previous versions of windows have a feature like search for drivers in internet. But In windows 8 this was made very much easier than before. You can allow windows to automatically download device drivers using network connections. When you plug-in any devices, windows will search will search and install the drivers from internet automatically, when driver is not available.

To get this done, you need to enable “Download over metered connections”

How To Steps :

1. Go to PC settings using Charms bar in Windows 8
2. Now navigate to Devices Menu
3. Turn On “Download over metered connections”

Screenshot (69)

4. Save and Close, that’s it.

Alternate Way :

1. Go to to System Properties in Windows 8 and navigate to Advanced System Settings.
2. Navigate to Hardware Tab and click Device Installation Settings and there you can enable/disable the features.
3. That’s it.