Google search is the number one search engine in the web and it gives the major traffic to the blogs and websites. You always receive standard traffic to your blogs/websites if it was listed in the first page of the Google search result. Google regularly made some changes to its search algorithm and it was not fully aware to all the webmasters. So the difficulty to the webmasters is the Google search will keep changing the search result position of a webpage accordingly to its algorithm. So the webmasters, need to keep track of the changes made in Google Search Algorithm and update the blog/website to sustain in the same position in Google search results. Google usually updates its search once or twice in a year.

Now immediately the question arise in your mind will be how to keep track on the Google search algorithm updates? How to confirm the search result rank went down due to the algorithm update? Solution to this questions is Algoroo.

Algoroo, is a website developed by Dejan SEO. It tracks Google algorithm changes by observing turbulence in rankings of thousands of keywords. For webmasters, Algoroo is a very useful tool. It display more accurate. Algoroo displays results with a bars of three colors which are red, yellow and green. Red signifies a major change in Google search’s algorithm followed by the yellow and the green bars signify no changes in Google search algorithm. If you see red bar for two or three days continuously then Google working to make the search results accurate.

How To Keep Track of Changes in Google Search Algorithm