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How To Make WiFi Tethering in Windows 8

You have all came across Wi-Fi Tethering options in your android/iphone and it will be very easy to share your internet connection to any device(which has Wi-Fi).

Many of us have thought of how to do the same in our Wi-Fi enabled laptops. I have made this tutorial on windows 8.

Kindly find the below steps to share your internet connection(connected in your laptop) to the Wi-Fi enabled devices.

How To Steps:

1. Launch an elevated command prompt under Windows 8 (command prompt with administrator privileges).
To do this Press Windows +x key in windows 8 and click Command Prompt(Admin).

2. Execute the below command to verify that your network interface support virtualization:

netsh wlan show drivers

If the “Hosted network supported” says “Yes“, then you’re ready to share the internet via Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you need to upgrade your hardware, if the software update doesn’t fix it.

3. Now set up the Ad-hoc wireless network (wifi tethering) using this command. Replace the parts in markup tags with your own choices

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= key=

ssid is nothing but your desired Wi-Fi name, you can give your own.

Key is nothing but your Wi-Fi password. It should be Minimum 8 characters long.

Eg :
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=T2Lead key=12345678

4. Until now, your hosted network has been created. Now, you need to start it.
Use the command below to start your Wi-Fi Network:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

5. Now type exit. Command Prompt will close.

6. Open the connected network and right-click on it and select “Connection Properties“. Now open Sharing Tab (Internet Connection Sharing) and check “Allow other network option” and from the drop down select the “Local Area Connection” and Click “OK”.

Note : Sometimes in the drop down you can see “Local Area Connection11,Local Area Connection12”, etc., Just select the name with “Local Area Connection” and make sure you see only one “Local Area Connection in the dropdown.

7. To Check the connection, open Control Panel-> Internet and Sharing and there you will see 2 connections
One is your internet connection and the other one is Local Area Connection(Which is your Wi-Fi Created)

Check out the Video Tutorial for Clarification.

Many Readers came up question like “Page Not loading on connected devices” , “After reconnecting my internet connection, Tethering not working” , etc.,

Readers Please read the below note I made for you. Hope it will help to fix many questions.

Video Tutorials:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”ByQjruBwItw”]

Note :
1. If you disconnected the WiFi or Internet connection and you’re reconnecting, then you need to do a fresh sharing again to make your WiFi Tethering works well on the connected devices.

2. Once reconnected right-click on connected network and select connection properties. Now open “Sharing” Tab (Internet Connection Sharing) and you can see the “Allow other network option” enabled already, but it won’t work. So uncheck it and click “OK“.
By this process you’re completely disabling the internet sharing which won’t work due to the disconnect activity ( Refer point 1) on the internet connection.

3. Again do a fresh sharing on the connected network, Right click on the connected network and select “connection properties”. Now Open Sharing Tab (Internet Connection Sharing) and check “Allow other network” option and from the drop down select the “Local Area Connection” and Click “OK”.

So Keep Mind that when your internet is disconnected and connected again need to do a fresh sharing and to do the same follow the above steps.

Please Comment your doubts/questions. Will try to fix!

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