Well obviously most of us using Windows operating system and its product MS Office. MS Office 2013 is one of the latest version from Microsoft.

Most of the office documents and personal documents are to be saved securely, to do that we need to password protect the documents.

In this tutorial we explain the steps to Password Protect your documents for Reading & Writing in MS Office 2013 [E.g. : Word & Excel].

How To Steps :
1. Open Microsoft Word/Excel and load the contents.
2. Click File -> Save or Press Ctrl + S Keyboard shortcut.
3. Select the place were you want to save the file.

Screenshot (91)
4. Now a File Save window prompted.
5. Define the name for your document and in the bottom of the window[near Save button] you can see the Tools Menu.
6. Click on that and navigate to “General Options” and now specify the password for reading ad writing.

Screenshot (89)
Screenshot (90)

7. Click Ok and then Save your document.
8. That’s All.


Hope you have enjoyed this article.


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