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How To Play Animal Sounds in Google Search

Now play animal sounds in Google search results. Yes, few days back Google had made an announcement about this feature on search results. As per the announcement, animal sounds are visible in the search results with a play button. You can hit the play button to hear the animal sound. It won’t take you to any other web page, the sounds will be played within the search result page. I have tested more than 15+ animal sounds and all works fine. The list includes Lion, Zebra, Duck, Cat, Owl, Pig, Cow, Elephant and few more.

To Hear Animal Sound follow the below steps:

  1. Open Google Search and Type Animal Sounds or Animal Noises.
  2. Google search will display the result with animal comic picture and a play button near each animal.
  3. Just hit the play button to hear the sound.

Check out the below Search Result Pages:

Play Animal Sounds in Google Search 1

Play Animal Sounds in Google Search

You can get the animal sounds using different search keywords like Animal Sounds / Animal Noises / What does the dog say / lion sound / etc., As of now only a few animal sounds are added and all the other sounds will be added gradually.

As per Google, this feature works on the Google Search app and Chrome browser, both on Android and iOS as well as Desktop. Go and Search your favourite Animal Sound Now.


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