Google Chrome has a inbuilt game, where many of its users are not aware. Chrome was pre-loaded with a small game which can be played without internet. Actually, Google made this game for the users, who got temporary internet disconnection. During that time, the users can play the game, so that they will not leave close chrome immediately. This is just a simple runner game. You can play using the arrow keys. So let’s see how to play it.

Google Chrome Game

How To Play:

1. Make Sure you are disconnected from Internet.
2. Now just type any URL and hit Enter.
3. Now Chrome will display the error page similar the below screenshot.
4. Once you get the error page, just press Up arrow key to start playing the game.

Checkout the Video on How To Play Game in Google Chrome :

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”28_6-_CSPaM”]