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[How To] Remotely Ring/Lock/Erase/Factory Reset your Android Phone

Hi Android users, if someone theft your mobile and having some confidential data inside it and want to lock/erase the data’s. Google provided solution for the same.
Now android users can ring, lock and erase all data from their devices remotely. You can also locate your phone’s current location.

We have made this tutorial to show how to Remotely Ring/Lock/Erase/Factory Reset your Android Phone.

How To Steps:

1. In your android phone navigate to “Google Settings” app.
2. At the last you can see “Android Device Manager” -> Click On it.

3. Now check “Remotely locate this device” to enable locate your phone option.
4. Now check “Allow remote lock and factory reset” -> This option is used to lock/erase/factory reset your phone remotely.

[If you lose your device, you can lock or erase it with Android Device Manager]

Activate it give access to your Android Device Manager

5. To cross check whether Android Device Manager access my phone –> Go to Settings menu in your phone and navigate to Security and go to Device Administrators and there you can see “Android Device Manager” enabled.

6. That’s it to do with your phone.
7. Now in the web navigate to https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager and sign in with the Google id which is used in your phone.
8. After sign in you can see the options to Ring/lock/Erase options. Select any option as required.

9. That’s it . Thanks . Hope this tutorial will be helpful.

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