TrueCaller is the global mobile community, were it has a huge database of contact details of contact numbers. The users can share their contact list to the truecaller database to make the contact details visible to anybody. In this case, if you are one of the contact in your friend’s contact list and he shared the details to truecaller database, then your contact details will be visible to anyone globally. But if you want to remove your contact details from the truecaller database due to some privacy, it is possible now. Lets see the how to steps.

How To Steps:
Two ways are there t remove your number from the database either by TrueCaller App or by TrueCaller Online.
1. In the mobile app itself you can see “Deactivate Account” option. You can remove your number by deactivating through mobile apps.
2. Or Open TrueCaller website and login to your account, now navigate to the trueCaller Unlist page.
3. Enter the mobile number with your country code and enter the verification code shown, then hit “Unlist”. Now your number will be removed the database.

TrueCaller - Global Phone Directory and Spam Blocker (5)


Note : You cannot resubmit your number to the directory once it is removed from the database.