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How To ScreenCast in OnePlus One

ScreenCasting is now possible on android devices running Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system. But still we need Android SDK and supported devices to enable this feature manually and there is no screen cast app available in kitkat version. OnePlus One is one of the recently launched android phone which is running on a custom ROM called CyanogenMod (CM11S) based on Android Open Source Project and this phone has an in-built screen cast app, which allows you to record the screen activities. So without any manual works or tweaks you can directly record your screen activities. The screen cast feature is useful for developers, bloggers and webmasters, to give a video roundup of their application or a step-by-step tutorial based on an Android phone. Now lets see how to Screen Cast [Record Screen] in OnePlus One phone.

How To Steps:
1. Open the Screen cast application.
2. Now tap on “Start Screen cast” to begin recording a video. Recording activity icon will appear in status bar.
3. While recording if you want to enable touches on the video then tap the “Show Touches” option in the screen cast status bar.

The videos are recorded at HD 1080×1920 resolution and the output video will be saved in .MP4 format. The screen cast app doesn’t record internal audio, but it records sound from the microphone. Hence you can directly record your own voice for your video and it is very helpful while making a step-by-step guide. Once the screen cast completed you can see the video under gallery.

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