Today I have small trick for WhatsApp users. By default, the users can’t send messages to their own number in WhatsApp. Most of the users will like to send some tasks or important information messages to them self to recall it later. I’m one of them. Hence, I tried it on WhatsApp and finally I found the solution for it. Now you can send self-message [to your own number] in WhatsApp without any SIM change or number change in your WhatsApp account. I have also made Infographic and Video for better understanding.

How To Steps:

1. Open WhatsApp and Click New.
2. Click New Group and Name your Group
3. Add 1 friend to your group and Create.
4. Now open the group and go to settings.
5. Remove your friend from that group.
6. Now You’re alone in that group, so you can send messages in that group now.


How To Send messages to Own number in WhatsApp

How To Send messages to Own number in WhatsApp 2


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