Flipboard is one of the emerging magazine app and it is available for Android, iPhone and now in web too.Flipboard is a social Magazine, where you can organize contents from other social media, blogs, websites and curate it into a magazine style format you “flip” through. You can also create more than one magazine and it can be either public or private. Flipboard was initially started as app for smartphones. It received a huge set of customers and it has nice flip style. You can also subscribe to other magazines and most of the popular blogs, websites and other content makers are in Flipboard. So you can subscribe to all at one place. If you like a content of other, you can “Flip It” to your followers. Lets see how to create a magazine in Flipboard.


With flipboard you can save your favorite stories, photos and videos from the web and also you can create your own magazine and share the links you like to your subscribers. Before you start check out the complete guide on to create a magazine in Flipboard.


In this tutorial, we will share the steps on “how to Share the links you like on web to your magazine on Flipboard”

How To Steps:

1.First create an account in Flipboard through your iphone or android app, else you can login with your twitter/facebook account.

Screenshot (29)

2. Then Create a magazine with your desired name and that’s it.

Now save the below link in your hyperlink bar

Link – Flip it


Link – Flip it
3. Now while browsing your favorite link in the web and you want to share the same to your flipboard magazine, then click the bookmark link you have saved and it will prompts a pop up and login with your flipboard login credentials.

4. In the next page you can share the link to your magazine and that’s all.