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How To Share WiFi Connection Using WiFi Bridge in Honor 6X

We have heard about WiFi Tethering option in our smartphones which allows you to share your mobile data to other devices. But what is WiFi Bridge?

WiFi Bridge is a feature which allows you to share the WiFi connection to other devices. In other words, you can call it as a WiFi extender which extends your WiFi connectivity to other devices through your smartphone.

The WiFi Bridge feature was preloaded in Honor 6x and in other latest smartphones. I’m having the Honor 6x mobile with me and I have listed the steps to enable your smartphone as a WiFi Bridge.

How To Share WiFi Connection Using WiFi Bridge in Honor 6X:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings and then More menu under the connectivity.

Step 2: Now Tap on Tethering & portable hotspot.

Step 3: Here you will see WiFi Bridge option, tap on that and you will have the options for WiFi Bridge.

Step 4: Just set up your WiFi Bridge Name, security, and Password and turn ON the WiFi Bridge.

Step 5: That’s it. You can now connect your other devices to WiFi through your smartphone, no need for mobile data.

Points to Remember:

  • It significantly improves the transmission range and intensity of Wi-Fi signals. Other devices can be connected to your current Wi-Fi network through your device.
  • 4 devices can access from WiFi bridge.
  • WiFi bridge does not work with the Wi-Fi hotspot and Wi-Fi Direct features. If Wi-Fi bridge is enabled, some apps that use P2P services may not work properly.
  • Using WiFi bridge consumes your battery power faster.
  • If you receive a message notifying you that WiFi resources are being used by another service, go to Settings > WiFi > WiFi Direct and disconnect any connected devices. Or you can turn WiFi off and then go again to auto-disconnect all devices.

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