Maximum number of Microsoft users have updated their Office package to the latest version Office 2013.

In Outlook 2013, you missed the RSS Icon and want to know how to add/subscribe to RSS Feeds?

We have made this post to solve the above question.

Screenshot (41)

How To Steps :

1. Open Outlook and navigate to File->Options
2. In the next windows Go to Advanced Tab and navigate to RSS feeds.
3. Enable the Subscribe option[as shown in the screenshot] and Click OK.

Screenshot (43)

4. Then go to File Menu and Click Account Settings
5. Now Click RSS feeds tab in the Windows and Click New.

Screenshot (42)
6. Enter the Feed URL [Eg: and Select the Folder where you want to receive the feed updates and Click Close.
7. Now you can see the Feeds. That’s it.

Checkout out Video Tutorial: