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How To Take Continuous Shots in default Android Camera App

Hi Android Users, tired of taking each individual shots in your android smart phone and want to take continuous shoots in your default camera app? Want to take photos continuous without any distraction? Here i have made the post for you. Yes, in this post i had the steps on how to continuous shots in your default android camera app. You can take unlimited shots using this steps. I have made both text + video guide, hence checkout the video for better understanding.


How To Steps:

Taking Continuous Shots in default Android Camera is one of easy job.

1. Open default “Camera” app in your Android device.
2. Now tap and hold the capture/shutter button and in a second it will start capturing continuous shoots. Don’t release the button until you complete.
3. Once completed the camera app will take some time to save all the pictures. Timing will be depending upon the number of photos you took.

Video :

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”Yn8Lyhs9UTE”]

Never miss any moment, take continuous shoots and make the lively pictures from your android device.

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