Screenshot is also known as Screen capture, which is nothing but an image captured by the user to record the visual items displayed on monitor, mobile, tablet, etc., All popular operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome having an in-built feature to take screenshot on its operating system. Screenshots facility will be very useful too bloggers to make a how to guides on softwares and also it is very helpful for the users to report any issues or errors by taking screenshot, which shows what exactly happens.

I have already published few posts related to taking screenshots like various platforms like Android, Windows PC/Windows Phone and today i have a steps on how to take screenshot in Chromebooks which running on chrome OS powered by Google. Chromebooks are becoming more popular these days.

How To Steps:

1. To Take screenshot of the entire screen, just press Control Key (ctrl) + Window Switch Key at the same time.
In a few seconds you will receive notification like “Screenshot Was Captured Successfully”

2. To Take screenshot of a particular window, just press Shift Key + Control Key + Window Switch Key together. Once you press this key combination a cross hair mouse pointer will appear and select the area you want to capture.

Where the Screenshots will be stored?
You can access the captured screenshot via two ways.

Just click on the notification which appeared once after screenshot taken, then you will be taken to the screenshot path.


Open the app launcher and find the icon called “Files” and then navigate to “Downloads” folder.