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How to Take Screenshots on Micromax Android Smartphones

Screenshots are very useful to capture any moment and it can be used for many. I usually have a habit of taking screenshots on my android phones for many reasons like posting tutorials on this site, whenever I took the high score in games, etc.,

Micromax is one of the leading Android smartphone producers in India and it holds more than 20 % of the smartphone market around the world. Now how to take screenshots in Micromax Android smartphones? I have simple steps to do the same.


How To Steps:

To capture a screenshot, simply press the Volume down key + Power/Lock button simultaneously. Hold these two keys for a while and you will hear a capture sound, then your screenshot will be saved to your memory card under the folder named “Screenshots”.

In Gallery, You’ll see a folder named Screenshots where you can see all the saved screenshots.

This steps will work on almost all the Micromax Android Phones.

Let me know if any latest phones added or missed. Also If you want to know how to take screenshots on any android phone, just post a comment we will post the tutorial shortly.

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