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How To Unmask Short URLs

URL shortening is a technique which offers short URL and still points to the original page. Short URL’s are becoming more popular, because it is hard to share the lengthy URLs in many places like social media. You can do URL shortening for any URL on the web. Short URL points to the original URL using the Redirection method. You can also make customized short URLs which is easy to remember. Many short URL providers are available on the internet to create short URLs. Both Free and Paid versions are available. Some of the popular short URL service providers are Goo.gl, Bitly, tinyURL and so on.

How To Unmask Short URLs

Due to emerging raise of short URL’s many of us are not caring of the original URLs. Also sometimes the short URLs may link to many advertisers. To avoid these situations before clicking any short URL, just check the original link pointing to the Short URL. How to extract the original URL from short URL? How To Unmask short URLs? I have listed few steps to Unmask Short URLs.

Untiny is an unmask tool developed by Saleh Al-Zaid. This tool will unmask the original URL of the short URLs.

How To Steps:

1. Have your short URL handy and then navigate to http://untiny.me/ in your browser.
2. Now paste the short URL in the URL bar and click on Extract , this will show you the original URL.

No need to go to untiny web page every time, instead of that you can directly use the untiny service from the browser address bar.


Append the tiny URL at the end of the above URL and hit enter.

Eg : http://untiny.me/?url=http://goo.gl/6WwXnQ – it will directly load the web page with unmasked URL.

Example :

1. I have short linked https://www.techtolead.com and its short URL is http://goo.gl/6WwXnQ

2. When I paste the short URL and extract, the original URL will be displayed. That’s it.

unmask short url

Go ahead and unmask the short URLs. If you find any other ways to unmask the URLs, please share it via comments.

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