SHAREit is one of the best apps to transfer files faster through WiFi without any network connection.

How To Use Shareit ?

In this guide, I have taken the example of transferring the files between my android smartphone and windows PC. Same procedure can be applicable while transferring files for any devices like android to iPhone, iPhone to windows, etc.,


Requirements :

  • The devices going to transfer the files must have a WiFi functionality. [Only WiFi, no data connection required]
  • To begin transferring the files between one device to another, all you need is the SHAREit application installed on both the devices. You can download the shareit app for PC to use in windows.

How To Steps :

1. Open the App on your Android device and choose “Send” option.
2. Now Choose the files you want to share. Once you selected the files click on “Next”
3. Now the app will search for the nearby SHAREit device [nothing but your PC].
4. Open the SHAREit app on your PC and click “Receive”.
5. Now your app in the phone will show the nearby device. Tap on the device from your phone, so that it will start sending the files to your PC.

You can do the same steps vice-versa to transfer the files from PC to your smartphone.

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  • Mahendra Karthik

    shareit receive file not work pls help

  • Amit

    Contacts shared only give unreadable files… Hiw do i open dem n add to my contacts?????
    Pl help

  • murali

    hi iam i phone user , iam not able to use shareit app in mt mobile kindly help…………

  • Paul

    What if the PC is the Sender and the android phone is the receiver? what is the steps? its possible? if it is then how? – Please I need your reply… THANK YOU in advance if you could answer my question!

    • Isabel

      Press receive on the android phone and press ‘connect to pc’ then the android phone will will find the pc or the picture on the pc. Press ‘accept’ then you just have to drag the files you want to send to the android phone 🙂

  • Pragyansh Goswami

    my pc do not connects with my phone. it says that connect both devices to the same network. but my pc only supports only LAN. please tell me how to solve this problem?

    • Edwin PJ

      me too…I’ve also this problem….It simply gets the connection timeout and PC doesn’t respond

  • dilshad

    Dear please guide me to use shareit on iPhone to android and pc, i have downloaded on iPhone but it’s not connecting with android and pc. Thanks if you can help what to do.

    • bks

      if you want to transfer between iphone and some other platform device, you should create hotspot in iphone then other device need to connect iphone hotspot wifi. then open share it apps then you will able to transfer.

  • Edwin PJ

    I’m also facing this problem 🙁

  • Nilesh

    I am not able to connect my lappy with phone through share it in which pc is searched by mobile but could not get connected even after entering network pasword tell me the solution on this problem

  • Hi Dave,

    You can able to select an entire folder within a tap. You will have a select mark on top to each and every folder, you can use them to select the entire folder.