You can use Google Search as a tool for many things like weather information, word definition, currency converter and many more. In addition to that you can use the Google search engine as a timer. Previously Google has this feature, but in the intermediate period it was not working, now again it came back to Google. Lets see how to set timer in Google.

How To Steps:

1. Open Google Search Engine 

2. Type “set timer” in the search box and hit enter.

By default, it automatically start the timer for 5 minutes, but you can also start timer for the specific time according to your need. To do so change your search query like the below examples.

How To Use Google as a Timer (1)

Search Queries:

set timer for 2 minutes
set timer for 10 minutes
set timer for 15 minutes

How To Use Google as a Timer (2)

You can also stop and reset the timer by pressing the links below.