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How To View Instagram Videos from Memory card in Android

Instagram is an popular photo and video sharing services which allow the users to take pictures and videos. Yu can also share the pictures and videos to the social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, etc., Instagram is specially designed for smartphones to share the photos on the go. Currently the official app is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. The video sharing facility was integrated to the app on the mid of 2013. As of now the users can take a maximum of 15 seconds video. In your android app you have come across lot of instagram videos and if you want to access it offline, you can do it.

The videos are downloaded and saved as a cache file with the extension .0 on your memory card. So you can rename it with .mp4 and you can view it offline anytime. Lets see the complete steps on how to View all the Instagram videos from Memory card in Android.

How To Steps:

1. Go To Instagram App in your android phone and play any instagram videos.

2. Now connect your phone to PC as a USB Mass storage or you can do this with your phone using any file explorer apps like ES File Explorer.

3. Now Browse to the below path in your memory card.


Eg: “G:Androiddatacom.instagram.androidcachevideo” – this is my phone memory card path in my PC

4. Here you can see all the .0 files as shown in the screenshot below.


5. Now Click on the .0 files and rename it as with .mp4 Checkout Batch Rename Guide.

6. Now Open the renamed file with any .mp4 support player [ Say for example : VLC media player]. You can see the video you played in your android app.



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