Google Chrome has many built-in features and I’m posting many tutorials based on Google Chrome browser, because Chrome was used by many peoples. But many of us not aware of many built in features and facilities. Hence I’m posting some tutorials for our readers to make use/aware  of these features. This tutorial is based on how to view detailed memory usage details in Google Chrome. This feature displays a very detailed view of memory usage and it displays memory utilized for very tabs, extensions, apps, etc., It will also shows the Virtual Memory details. Keep in mind that this Memory usage feature displays memory use for all running browsers in your PC and not just only Google Chrome.

How To Steps:

1. Open your Chrome browser.

How To View Detailed Memory Usage in Google Chrome (1)

2. Type “chrome://memory-redirect/” [without quotes] in chrome address bar and hit enter.

3. This page display the Detailed Memory Usage of all running browsers.

How To View Detailed Memory Usage in Google Chrome (2)