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How To View Notification History in Android

If you have multiple notifications in your android status bar and you mistakenly tapped the “Dismiss All” icon. Now want to get back the missed notifications? or want to know the history of your notifications?

Yes. You can view your notifications history in android only if your android version is Jelly Bean or later. Lets see how to see the notifications history.


How To Steps:

1. Go To Android apps page and switch to widget tab.

2. Select and place 1×1 settings shortcut on your home screen.

3. Now select “Notifications” from the options.

4. Now when you tap the shortcut, it will display all the notification history in reverse chronological order. The notifications are categories based on App names. You can get the title and time of the notifications.

If you want to stop any apps too show notifications. Just click on the app and deselect the option “Show notifications”.

Credits : Stackoverflow

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