YouTube lovers, today I have a special guide for you. You can watch and share YouTube videos directly from a specific point of time. It will be helpful, if you are featured in a long time video and want to share the particular minute where you featured with friends, then you can directly share the YouTube link which will start playing from the minutes/seconds you specified.

YouTube is using a time parameter to do the same.


How To Steps:

Go To the YouTube Video and just add #t=1m10s in the YouTube URL, Which will start playing the video directly from 1 minute 10 seconds.


You also skip the time by only using seconds. Just add #t=70s to start the video with 1 minute 10 seconds.


You can also use & parameter instead of # in the video. Both will do the same job.


Add if you are using short URL’s from YouTube, you add the ? or # parameter to specify the time. In short URL’s & parameter can’t be used.


Video Guide for Better Understanding:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”zXAWSz4kXkw”]