Most of us came across many PDF documents in our day-to-day life. Some of the pictures are more beautiful and you can’t use the same? We made this tutorial on how to Copy the Pictures from PDF documents and paste it wherever you want.

How To Steps:
1. Open the PDF document you are having the pictures.

Screenshot (54)

2. Move the mouse cursor to the picture and the cursor turns into a marking tool.
3. Now Click and drag over the picture [that what part of the picture you want or the entire picture if you need].

Screenshot (55)

4. Now your selection was made and right click on the selection and you will be prompted with option like “copy image”.

Screenshot (56)

5. Click on that and now open paint for example and paste it.

Screenshot (59)
6. Now to can use it.

Note : Don’t do this on the copyright images or the images owned by others.

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