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Enable HTTPS on Blogspot Domians for Free

Google now allows HTTPS feature on its blogspot domains. The users who hosted their blog on blogger.com, now able to turn HTTPS on their site for free. As of now this feature is available for blogspot domain blogs only. Before we go in-depth about HTTPS on blogger platform

What is HTTPS ?

HTTPS, defined as Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, as the name indicates, this protocol is used to protect the user data between site and the user. The data sent by HTTPS protocol is protected via Transport Layer Security protocol which is called TLS. TLS protocol provides three layer protection which includes Encryption, Data Integrity, Authentication. The user information entered on your site is encrypted and the information is secured between the site and user computer.


Why to adopt HTTPS on my site ?

As i said above, HTTPS is a way to secure user information. In simple HTTPS is used to make the web more secure. It checks whether your visitors are taken to the correct website, instead of redirecting to any malicious site. If you are running a website in which the user enters his/her personal information on forms or while purchasing a product, it is necessary to protected the user information between the site and user computer. There are many online tools available to steal user data. Last year on Google IO 2014, they mentioned “HTTPS everywhere”. Google consider HTTPS as one of the ranking factor where they give top priority for security.

Blogger is being one of the largest blogging platform, where millions of blogs are hosted and thousands of blogs starting every day. Blogger is Google own blogging platform. Now they have added HTTPS feature for its blogs. So you can now add HTTPS on your blogspot sites for free. For now this feature is available for the sites having blogspot domains only.
Eg: https://your-site.blogspot.com

This feature will be turned off, if you add a custom domain.

How To Enable HTTPS on my Blogspot site ?

1. Sign in to Blogger
2. Navigate to your blogs “Settings Page”
3. Now Under “Basic” Settings, you can see “HTTPS Settings”
4. From the “HTTPS Availability” drop down choose “Yes” to enable the feature.

HTTPS on blogger

Now Your site will be loaded with https prefix, which indicates your site is secured. Enable https on blogspot sites immediately. If you have any doubts/concerns, please feel free to leave a comment.

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