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Instagram Multiple Photos and Video Upload – FAQ

Instagram announced Multiple Photos and Video Upload in Single Post. The update has already been rolled out and many have started using the feature. To give more clarity on the multiple upload feature of Instagram, I made this post which contains the frequently asked questions about the new feature with answers and pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions On Instagram Multiple Photos and Video Upload:

What is the Instagram Multiple Photo and Video Feature?

With this new feature, the Instagram users are able to upload multiple photos and videos in a single post.

How to Upload multiple photos and videos?

After getting the new update, go to the upload page as usual and here you will get new icon called SELECT MULTIPLE. Tap on that and now you will able to select multiple photos and videos.

How many photos or videos I can upload in the new Instagram Multiple Upload feature?

You can able to upload 10 photos and videos. 10 is the number which includes photos and videos. Hence, In a single post, you can add a maximum of 10 in which the 10 can be a photo or video or the combination of both.

Can I edit and use the filter on this multiple Upload?

Yes, you can able to edit and apply filters at once for all the photos and videos or also you can edit each and every photo or video one by one based on your need.

Can I rearrange the order of the photos and videos?

Yes, Once you choose the photos and videos, tap on next, it will move to the filter page, here you can have photos and videos, you can hold and drag the photos and videos to change the order.

Can I able to delete any one photo or video from the chosen?

Yes, you can able to remove the unwanted photo even on the edit page. Tap and hold to see the delete button on the edit/apply filter page.

How do the photos and videos display in the feed?

If you upload multiple photos and videos, the first photo or video will be displayed in the feed along with the slide option to view other photos and videos which will be similar to the below.

How do I know if the user uploaded multiple photos or videos?

You will see the blue dots at the bottom of the photo in your feed. You can slide to view the other photos or videos.

When will I get Instagram Multiple Upload update?

The update was already started rolling out globally. It will reach the worldwide audience in next few weeks on iOS and Android.

Note: I have got the update today[23-Feb-2017] morning on my Android phone and I’m from India.

I don’t see the Select Multiple Icon?

It means the update has not reached your device/country yet. Kindly keep checking for the update on Google Play Store for Android and on App Store for iOS respectively.

Can I write Caption for all photos and videos separately?

No, you can able to write a single caption for a single post.

Steps to Upload to Multiple Photos and Videos in a Picture:

Feel free to comment and also ask if any questions missed. I will reply back asap.

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