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Install Android Wear Launcher in Android Devices

Last week, Google announced Android Wear which is the platform to bring the android experience in wearable gadgets. Also Google announced the developer preview of the Android wear operating system, so the developers can begin starting with their custom apps in android wear. Developers can download the preview and experience the feel on Wear emulator.

Are you eager to experience the Android wear? Now you can experience it in your phone via Android Wear Launcher. Android Police has announced Android Wear Launcher, you can install it you your android devices which running Android Kitkat 4.4+ to experience the Wear. As of now the launcher is in beginner mode and it will not complete the replacement of your current android launcher. If you want to try android wear experience, then go ahead and install it from Android Police.

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Points to Keep in Mind before you install:

  • If you already installed Google’s Android Wear Preview beta app in your android device, then you have to uninstall the beta app before installing the Android Wear Launcher .
  • This app will work on devices running android kitkat 4.4+ versions.
  • Make sure you’ve enabled the installation of third-party apps on your device in Settings > Security > Unknown Sources to install the app manually.

Once you installed the Android Wear Launcher app, press the Home button, it will prompt you with the list of launchers on your device, choose “Android Wear” to Start.

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