At CES 2014 meet happened this month, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced its new product named “Intel Edison”, which is in a shape and size of an SD card and its a 400 MHz computer board. It was mainly developed for wearable devices. It is a low-power 22nm device. Edison contains a Intel Quark processor with 2 cores and also it was integrated with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy [Bluetooth LE]. It also has an integrated app store. Edison supports Linux.



According to Intel this was designed to work with any devices, which is not just a computer and phones, but also with chairs, coffee makers ,etc., Intel Edison will be available in market in the mid of 2014. At CES 2014 Intel demonstrated the Edison to so its power. A Edison was attached to a sensor which monitors the baby temperature, breathing and motion. The sensors will show green blinking if the baby feels comfortable, if anything went wrong it blinks in red color.

Lets wait for this amazing invention from Intel.