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80+ iOS 12 New Features, Changes, Improvements and More

iOS 12 is one of the much awaited operating systems this year by the iPhone and iPad users. iOS 12 has a lot of new features, improvements and much faster even on iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

The public beta was already available for the users to experience the operating system before its stable release. The stable official launch is expected to be released later this year, most probably by September 2018, during the Apple’s annual summit. Before you start, please check the list of iOS 12 compatible devices as well. All the devices that support iOS 11 are compatible with iOS 12.

Not able to wait till September, are you curious about the New Features, Changes, Improvements? Apple has already published the complete list of features and changes to be available on the new iOS 12 operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The below list has all the features of iOS 12 operating system irrespective of the devices. Please note that some of the features listed below will be applied to specific devices only. For example, Memoji and Animoji features are applicable only for iPhone X devices and there are some of the features specific to iPad.

IOS 12 Complete Features, Changes And Improvements

iOS 12 is designed to make your iPhone and iPad experience even faster, more responsive and more delightful. – Apple

iOS 12 New Features, Changes, Improvements – Complete List:


  • Faster and more responsive
  • Up to 40% faster app launch
  • Up to 70% faster swipe to Camera
  • Smoother animations
  • Up to 50% faster keyboard display
  • Up to two times faster Share sheet display under load


  • Group FaceTime up to 32 participants simultaneously
  • FaceTime audio and video
  • Join or add people to Group FaceTime at any time
  • Focus View in Group FaceTime
  • Ringless notification
  • Messages integration
  • Animoji
  • Filters
  • Text effects
  • Shapes – Jazz up your photos and videos with shapes like stars, hearts and arrows
  • iMessage sticker packs
  • Private end-to-end encryption


  • Memoji – Create an all-new kind of Animoji that fits your personality and mood
  • Memoji Maker
  • New Animoji – 4 new Animoji
  • Tongue and wink detection
  • Longer Animoji – Now you can record clips of up to 30 seconds
  • Camera effects
  • Filters
  • Text effects
  • Shapes – Jazz up your photos and videos with shapes like stars, hearts and arrows
  • iMessage sticker packs
  • Photos iMessage app
  • Redesigned App Strip

Screen Time:

  • Screen Time – New tools empower you to understand and make choices about how much time you spend using apps and websites
  • Activity reports
  • App limits – Set the amount of time you and your kids can spend each day on specific apps and websites
  • For kids – Use your family’s Apple IDs to set up Screen Time for your kids to keep an eye on how much time they spend on apps and websites. They can request more time for you to approve
  • Downtime – Set a specific time, like bedtime, when apps and notifications are blocked. You can choose which apps are on and off limits
  • Always allowed – Create exceptions for apps you’d like your kids to have access to even during Downtimes, such as Messages or education apps


  • Grouped notifications
  • Deliver quietly
  • Critical Alerts
  • Siri notification suggestions
  • Instant Tuning – Control your notification settings the moment you receive an alert, without having to leave what you’re doing

Do Not Disturb:

  • Do Not Disturb During Bedtime
  • New Do Not Disturb options

Augmented Reality:

  • Persistent and multiuser experiences
  • 3D object recognition
  • Face tracking
  • Scene reflection
  • USDZ file format
  • AR Quick Look
  • Measure app – Automatically measure flat rectangular surfaces and draw lines across flat surfaces to measure distances with your iPhone or iPad camera


  • For You tab
  • Sharing suggestions
  • Intelligent search suggestions
  • Places search
  • Multiple keyword search
  • Event search
  • Improved import
  • RAW photo support
  • Redesigned Albums tab


  • Improved Portrait Lighting
  • Portrait Segmentation API
  • Improved QR code reader


  • Siri suggestions
  • Add to Siri – Add shortcuts to Siri to run them with your voice on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch
  • New Shortcuts app
  • Shortcuts API
  • Motorsports
  • Translation
  • Celebrity facts
  • Food knowledge
  • Photos Memories search
  • Passwords – Siri can help you search for any password

Privacy and Security:

  • Enhanced tracking prevention
  • Automatic strong passwords
  • Password reuse auditing
  • Security code AutoFill
  • Password sharing
  • Password Manager API

App Updates:

  • Redesigned Apple Books
  • Redesigned Stocks App
  • Redesigned Voice Memos and is available on iPad as well

Even More:

  • CarPlay navigation
  • iPad gestures
  • More battery information
  • English Thesaurus
  • New dictionaries

The complete details about the above listed features is available on the official iOS 12 Preview Features page. More features can be expected during the stable release. Stay tuned.

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