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It’s Time to Take Your Company to the Clouds

If your business has a physical server or uses one computer to store its data, its data is vulnerable to hackers and attacks. Here’s why these methods of storage and operations are stuck in the past and why you need to take your business to the Cloud.

As technology progresses, so should your business. At this point, if your business isn’t delving into the latest tech, it’s falling behind competitors who are making the most out of it. It’s why businesses are spending thousands of dollars on cybersecurity and digital marketing strategies – things that, decades ago, nobody would think was necessary.

So, when it comes to information storage, communication, or any virtual operation required in your business, it’s time for you to put it on the Cloud. It’s simple enough to understand Cloud as storage for business and personal use. Websites like Google Drive and Dropbox store your data so that, no matter which phone, tablet, or computer you use, you can access that data whenever and wherever. Cloud computing is similar in a way that all you and your employees can safely access your business’ software and tools through any internet source.

If you haven’t used Cloud computing yet, here’s three reasons why you should.

Storage and Security

Cloud computing allows businesses of all sizes to operate efficiently and cost-effectively, according to Avaya Canada. Whether it’s to hide their data from hackers intent on stealing or protecting their data from disasters that can destroy physical servers, cloud storage protects all of a business’ data because it’s in a protected virtual site where external factors cannot breach it. And this site may only be accessed by you and your employees.

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Imagine you had all the updated data of your business – your accounting, your employees, and your list of clients, cash flow, and everything else – inside your laptop. Now, what happens if you lose that laptop or accidentally drop it to the point that it can’t be retrieved? That’s a serious problem for your business. And it if it was stolen, someone smart enough to hack into your computer can see all the sensitive data saved there.

Had you used cloud computing, it wouldn’t have been a serious security problem. You can simply access the Cloud computing software from another device with access to the internet and remotely wipe the sensitive data from your laptop. You won’t get your laptop back, but it does ensure that the data – which may be even worth more than the laptop itself – is safe.

Work From Anywhere

With outsourcing certain operations of a company to freelancers and international business process outsourcing companies becoming a more common practice around the world, it’s fairly common to have people working for you who have never set foot in your office. Originally, this would not have been possible as most computers could only be connected to a physical local server. Thanks to Cloud computing, it is possible for teams to collaborate on the same documents without having to be in the same room.

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Cloud software provides anyone logged in with the tools and files needed to get the job done in real time. Teammates working on the same project, for example, can see real-time updates on their other members and whether or not everyone is participating in the collaboration. It’s much easier than someone working on one part of the project first, sending the updated file to the server, and then everyone else waits their turn to do their part of the project. Prior to Cloud Computing, this was the case: everyone would go back and forth in emails, sending their part in an updated file. And because of this, it was common for people to mix up the updated file for an outdated one, and someone would end up spending unnecessary time fixing the mess and compiling everything into one final file.

As a result, Cloud Computing fosters a better work ethic because you and your employees don’t need to physically be in the same room to ensure everyone is doing their part. All of you simply need access to the internet. This makes the workplace more efficient without having to sacrifice productivity.

Customizable Software to Fit Your Business

Aside from storage and collaboration, most Cloud software available in the market offer tools to improve productivity. If you want a common example, just look at Google. Aside from its storage (Google Drive), it provides plenty of tools to help most offices: email (Gmail), calendar, tasks, sites, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and many more.

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However, other Cloud software on the market provides more specialized tools for certain industries. Not all tools are required by all industries, but competitive software allows customizable technology to businesses of all sizes.

With plenty of Cloud Computing software options available on the internet, there should be nothing stopping you from shifting your business towards a Cloud of your own. Not only does it protect you from external threats, but it improves the productivity and ability for your employees to better collaborate on projects at the same time.

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