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[Java] Get back .java file with .class file

Java Programmers and this tutorial is for you guys. You might came across many situation like unfortunately deleting the .java and you’re unable to get back you original source code. If it is a small program then its fine but in case of 1000 lines of programs ? here you stuck right.

Our Team made this tutorial specifically for you guys. Don’t worry if you have deleted your 1000 lines of java programs. You can get back your original source code with your .class file and cavaj decompiler.

cavaj decompiler is nothing but whenever you’re compiling the java program you may use javac command. cavaj is nothing but a vice versa and its a decompiler.

Lets see the steps to do the same.

Requirements :

1. Your Program’s .class file
2. Cavaj Decompiler Software

How To Steps:
1. Once you install the cavaj decompiler, click open and navigate to your .class file

[Java] Get back .java file with .class file (1)
2. Click Open and it will displays your Java original source code.

[Java] Get back .java file with .class file (2)
3. Click Save as option as save it as with .java extension in your desired location.

[Java] Get back .java file with .class file (3)
4. That’s it.

Well I’m using the Cavaj Decompiler from the below link and i made this tutorial based on the same. There are many decompiler softwares available and almost all are similar so you can get back your .java files.

Download Cavaj Decompiler http://cavaj-java-decompiler.en.softonic.com/

Show your interest/suggestions in comments.

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