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Jio Prime and Jio Summer Surprise Offer – FAQ

Posted updated according to the official announcement by Jio on NO MORE SUMMER SURPRISE OFFER.

UPDATE as on April 06, 2016:

Jio Summer Surprise Offer is No More?

Checkout the official statement of the termination of Jio Summer Surprise Offer from JIO.

What happens if I already subscribed to the Jio Summer Surprise Offer?

All customers who have subscribed to JIO SUMMER SURPRISE OFFER prior to its discontinuation 09-APR-17 will remain eligible for the offer.

When are they discontinuing the offer?

Jio mentioned they will discontinue as soon as operationally feasible. No exact date was mentioned. Maybe we can expect anytime.

Update: Discontinued on 09-Apr-17.

Below are the updates FAQ posted on updates based on Mar 31st, 2017:

Finally, there is another happy news for the 100+ Million Jio users. Yes, Jio has extended the Prime subscription period and announced the new Summer Surprise offer, which will give you another 3 months of free data and calls, but you have to subscribe for Jio Prime membership and then recharge your Jio number once to get the benefits.

– Jio

The official announcement on the same has been announced by Jio yesterday [31-MAR-2017]. But, still there is no clear picture of the offers and many of my readers, friends, relatives were confused about the offer. Hence I made this article, which includes the detailed FAQ on Jio Prime Membership extension, offers, Jio Summer Surprise offer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jio Prime and Jio Summer Surprise Offer:

What is Jio Prime Subscription and what are benefits?

Jio Prime is a membership for customers with additional benefits who have joined Jio before 15th April 2017. You can enroll for Jio Prime at one-time annual membership fees of Rs 99 from 1st to 15th April 2017. Jio Prime along with a validity recharge brings a host of benefits with it.

It gives you the opportunity to avail unlimited benefits of free voice (Local, STD, Roaming, to any operator, anywhere in India), 4G data and SMS that you have been currently using till 31st March 2018 for a nominal charge of Rs 303 per month. You could also choose to enhance your benefits at higher recharges according to your needs.

More deals and offers that will be announced from time to time.

Note: Initially the Jio Prime Subscription timing was announced till 31st March 2017. On the announcement on 31st March 2017, Jio has extended the Subscription period till 15th April 2017.

How do I Subscribe for Jio Prime Membership?

Recharge with Rs. 99 to get Jio Prime membership before 15th April 2017 from MyJio, JioMoney, Jio.com or nearest retailer.

Note: You can opt for Jio Prime only before 15th April 2017.

Is the Happy New Year Offer for Jio subscribers extended till 15th April 2017?

Yes, Jio has extended the Happy New Year Offer until 15th April 2017. This is due to the extension of Jio prime subscription. This 15 days will be a buffer period for the users to join Jio prime membership and get complimentary offers.

What happens if I have not subscribed to Jio Prime Membership by 15th April 2017?

After 15th April 2017, you will be converted to the normal Jio user and you have to recharge any plans to continue to use the Jio services. Please note that you will not get the additional benefits like the Jio prime members and also you will not get the Summer Suprise offer.

What is Jio Summer Surprise offer and what are the benefits?

Jio has announced the new Summer Surprise offer for the Jio prime members. The Summer Surprise offer will extend the Jio paid benefits for next 3 months with a minimum recharge of Rs.303 or higher values. This is a complimentary offer by Jio for the Prime members alone.

The users will get the benefits of the paid packs available. In order to get the Summer Surprise offer, you must be a Jio Prime member.

Jio Summer Surprise offer will be applicable to all Jio Prime members who recharge for Rs.303 or more with the corresponding pack benefits. The corresponding paid service will activate after July.

What happens if I recharged for Rs.499 or higher values?

The corresponding pack benefits will be applicable for 3 months as a complimentary offer. Check out the above image for clarification.

What is the minimum Recharge Value to get the Jio Prime + Jio Summer Surprise Offer?

You have first subscribed to Jio Prime by recharging your Jio number for Rs.99 and then you have to recharge with minimum value plan of 303 or even higher plans to Summer Surprise Offer.

Hence the minimum amount you have recharge to get the benefits is Rs. 99+ Rs. 303 = Rs. 402.

How long the Jio Summer Surprise Offer Valid?

If you subscribe for Summer Surprise Offer on or before 15 April 2017, the validity will be until June which will be around 3 months. Your paid tariff plan will be applied only in July, after the expiry of the complimentary Summer Surprise Offer service.

What if I Recharged for Rs.149?

If you recharge for Rs.149 you won’t get the Summer Surprise Offer benefits, hence you can recharge again your number with Rs.303 or higher value to get the additional benefits. After the complimentary service of 3 months, then Rs. 149 (FRC) benefit will be available in the 4th month July and the benefits of Rs.303 or higher value you recharge will be available in the 5th month August.

Which is the best Jio Summer Surprise plan to Subscribe?

I would suggest you subscribe for the Rs.499 Plan, which will give you 2 GB / day for 4 months and it is one of the best budget plans.

Will I get the unlimited data between 2 AM to 5 AM on the Summer Surprise Offer?

This offer is yet to be confirmed by the Jio team. We will update once we get the official confirmation. Watch this space for the updates.

What if I recharge multiple times to get the additional data (Buy one get one offer), will all the recharges are not valid?

Don’t worry. No matter the number of recharges you paid for additional data. All the recharges are accountable, but the benefits will be available after July. Until that you will get the Summer Surprise Offer.

If you have more questions, Please comment below, we will answer it ASAP.

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