“Time and Tide waits for none”. Nothing more than this stresses the importance of time. With a fast paced world that we are in, shortcuts are of phenomenal importance. On a funny note, shortcuts need to be used carefully else we will land in unwanted troubles You all know what I mean. But there are no major issues when it comes to windows shortcuts.

Overall we know how a desktop shortcut can help us, but imagine the world where you will have to just log into the computer and this article below will help you take care of starting the applications and folders automatically that you want. This trick will be handy when you have the freaking count of applications that needs to be started up as soon as you log in. Imagine the time that you are gonna save by implementing this trick.

Now let us go into detail about how to Launch Programs Automatically in Windows,

In my case, I used to launch Outlook, Chrome Browser, Media Player and My Work Folder every time when I log into my Laptop. So to reduce the time, I want these applications and folders to launch automatically along with windows startup.

In the earlier version of Windows, the process is easy by simply adding them to the startup folder under the start menu. But in the newer versions of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, the startup folder is not as easily accessible. But still you can make it simple with the below steps.

How to Launch Programs, Files, and Folders Automatically in Windows (3)

How To Steps :

Step 1 : Create Shortcut for the folders and applications that you want to launch automatically. See the below example screenshot.

Step 2 : Now Open Run Window, Press Windows Key + R and then type shell:startup and hit OK. Now the startup folder will open, copy the shortcuts you have to this folder and that’s it.

How to Launch Programs, Files, and Folders Automatically in Windows (1)

How to Launch Programs, Files, and Folders Automatically in Windows (2)

So Now whenever You log into windows with your user account, then these programs will launch automatically.

Step 3 : If you want to launch apps and folders for any user, the type shell:common startup in the Run Window and copy the shortcuts to the folder.

Hope this tutorial will help and save your time. Many other ways are there to launch programs automatically, but this could be the simplest trick. If you have alternate ideas feel free to list out the steps in comments.