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Letv Bluetooth Speaker Review – Beautiful and Powerful

Letv lately renamed as LeEco in India has begun to sell their accessories after the success of mobile. One of that accessory which we are going to review today is the Letv Bluetooth Speaker. The Speaker is priced at Rupees 1,999 in India and they are exclusively available via their official e-commerce site LeMall. So without any further delay, let’s get into the Letv Bluetooth speaker review explaining the sound quality, performance, battery life and much more.

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Letv Bluetooth Speaker review

Look and Design:

As usual, let us start with the design and the overall look of the device. The Letv speaker is Cylindrical shaped which is unique in terms of design. There is one single button on the top to control the device at ease. On the bottom, there is a rubber coating for better grip while placing it on any surface like the table, floor or any. On the rear side, there is a Micro USB port which allows you to charge the Bluetooth speaker.

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The box in which the speaker comes in looks simple with cardboard wrapper. The box contains the speaker itself, USB cable, User manual and the warranty card.

Sound Quality & Performance:

Before getting into the actual performance and Sound quality of the Letv Bluetooth Speaker lets take a moment to know how to connect the speaker to mobile phones, computer, laptop via Bluetooth.

First of all, make sure you have the charge on the speaker. Turn on the speaker by long-pressing the button on the top for 2-3 seconds.

Once the speaker is turned On, you will get a sound from the speaker. After that turn ON the Bluetooth on the device(Mobile,Computer or laptop) to which you want to connect the speaker.

After the Bluetooth scan, you will get a device named Letv Speaker, click that and connect to the speaker. That’s it, you have successfully connected your device with the Bluetooth speaker.

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Now let us get into the actual performance and the sound quality of the speaker. It comes with Bluetooth Version 4.0 and the connectivity range is good enough. The Speaker does not come with any standalone application to control. I somewhat felt that the bass is high than the actual sound. The speaker does not sound too loud but does the decent job. The clarity is good enough and there is no distraction when the volume reaches the maximum.

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The Letv Bluetooth Speaker comes with 1200 mAh in-built battery. There is no indication on the speaker to check the remaining battery percentage. But once the speaker is connected to the speaker you will see a battery indication next to the Bluetooth icon. You can use that icon to check the battery status of the Letv Bluetooth Speaker. It took around 1 hour to charge the device fully from 0-100% and the input level is DC 5V.

If you have any further questions about the Letv Bluetooth Speaker, do check out our FAQ post about the speaker.

Final Verdict:

The Letv Bluetooth Speaker is the right choice for you if you are looking for a good looking portable speaker that doesn’t hurt your pocket. The speaker comes in four different colors – Orange, Blue, Pink, and Black. You can get this speaker from LeMall in India for the price of Rs.1999 and if you are a US resident then you can get it from LeMall US site for the price $29.99. In case if you any further queries about this Wireless speaker, please leave them in the comment section below.

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