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Microsoft MCSD 70-480 Exam: Things To Do To Pass

Microsoft 70-480 exam is based on programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3. Candidates who are appearing for the exam should have experience in using java script for developing variety of application types on hardware and software platforms. They should also have an experience in HTML in object oriented and event driven programming model. There is a high demand of Microsoft certificates globally. HR managers prefer the candidates who not only have knowledge of the topics but also have a Microsoft certificates.

Objectives of Microsoft 70-480 certificate

This course is basically designed for those who have an experience of at least 1 year in programming of fundamental business logic by using javascript and HTML. The objective of the course includes creating document structure, applying styles to HTML elements, implementing HTML5 and programming flow, validating user input with HTML5 elements, finding elements by using CSS selectors and JQuery.

Manipulate document structures, Implement and objects

It has 24% of total questions and objective is to make the document structure i.e. structure the UI with the use of semantic markup; create a layout container in HTML. Writing the codes that comes with the UI controls, applying styles to HTML elements programmatically, implementing HTML5 API’s, establish the scope of objects and variables, create and implement objects and methods.

Implement program flow

It has 25% of total questions and the aim is to implement the program flow, raise and handle an event, implement exception handling. Implementing a callback i.e. receive messages from the HTML5 websocket API and use JQuery to make Ajax call.

Access and secure data

It has 26% of total questions to validate user input by using HTML5 elements and javascript. Consume JSON and XML data and retrieve the data with the use of web services. It also includes texting, submission, parse and send the data by using XMLHTTPRequest.

Use CSS3 in applications

25% of total questions are included in the exam to apply styles to text appearances, text font, text alignment, spacing, text hyphenation. Applying style box properties which include apply styles to text attributes, graphic effects, change element position. Create flexible content layout includes implementing layout by using multicolumn, position floating, grid alignment, grouping and nesting. Structure elements and CSS file by using CSS selectors.

Resources for Microsoft 70-480 exam 

Here are few resources that are helpful in passing the exam:

  1. Books – There is a book of Kyle Simpson which can be helpful for the exam. This book contains very detailed points about JavaScript. It helps to build and strengthen the skills in JavaScript. It is available online and can be downloaded through net. It helps in providing knowledge about JavaScript which is very useful in competing Microsoft 70-480 exam.
  2. HTML books – There is a book of Glenn Johnson which describes about programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. It provides entire course curriculum about programming in HTML5. It works as main course book as it has all the topics that are covered in the exam. A detailed view about the topics and the skills required to pass the exam are mentioned in the book.
  3. Email-course – Zell Liew is a developer which shares his knowledge through email and is very successful for appearing in the exam. What we all have to do is to visit his website and register for JavaScript. Through mail he provides the material about JavaScript and programming of HTML5. He provides all the knowledge and skills of JavaScript which helps in passing the exam.
  4. Practice questions – While registering for the exam you can buy the practice tests questions which will be helpful in preparing Microsoft 70-480 exam. After finishing the study material, these practice tests are very helpful to examine your knowledge and skills. These tests are based on the type of questions that have to be asked in the exam. They will help to understand the type and the way of questions asked in the exam.

ExamCollection: https://www.examcollection.com/70-480.html

Exam-Labs: https://www.exam-labs.com/info/70-480

PrepAway: https://www.prepaway.com/70-480-exam.html

  1. Microsoft virtual academy – Microsoft has their own virtual academy where they provide the videos, links which help in the exam. You can watch the video and gain the knowledge about programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. It is beneficial for the newcomers also as it has each and every detail about HTML5 and JavaScript.

Registration for Microsoft 70-480 exam

  1. Open the register.prometric site.
  2. There you will get the option to select your country and enter your country name.
  3. Now, select the client – Microsoft
  4. Select the program – Microsoft (070,071,074…)
  5. Select the exam i.e. Microsoft 70-480 programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.
  6. Registration process starts and fills all the details needed for the exam. Make sure that every detailed mentioned in the form should be accurate.
  7. At last schedule your exam.

Details of Microsoft 70-480 exam

  • Microsoft 70-480 exam contains 50 questions in the form of computer based test.
  • It contains multiple choice based questions, drop and drag, case studies, arrange in a proper order types questions.
  • You will be provided 2 hours to complete the exam.
  • The passing score will be 70%.

With the help of the resources mentioned in the article you’ll be able to pass the exam. After getting the certificate from Microsoft you can get better job opportunities and able to work in a reputed company. These certificates are becoming necessary as every company wants to employ the best professionals so that they can provide best results. We wish you a very good luck and looking forward for next exam topper.

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