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How to Move Chrome Address Bar to Bottom on Android Devices

Are you an Android user and want to move your Chrome browser’s address bar to the bottom of the screen for an easy access? Then this guide is for you. In recent times, smartphones have evolved and the companies are launching smartphones with full-screen displays and bezel-less. These smartphones feature a larger display, and it would be difficult to access the top of the screen while on the go and using the smartphone in a single hand.

Chrome is being a default browser in most of the Android smartphones. In terms of futures, Google is continuously working on many new features and the new features were available for the users under a secret window in chrome. What is a secret window? Chrome has a secret settings page called experiments, where you can have a lot of features to tweak and test on the browser. This feature is available for users to test the new features at their own risk, before the stable launch.

In that way, recently Chrome has added a feature to move its address bar to the bottom of the window. Let’s see the detailed step by step guide on How To Move Chrome Address Bar to Bottom On Android Devices with pictures.

How To Move Chrome Address Bar to Bottom On Android Devices:

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser on your Android Device.

Step 2: In the address bar type chrome://flags

Step 3: You will have lots and lots of options to tweak. Now tap on the three dots icon near to the address bar, and tap Find in Page.

Step 4: Now search for Chrome Home.

Step 5: The option is Chrome Home Android. Chrome Home will be highlighted and you have dropdown below that option. Click and change it to Enabled from Default.

Step 6: Once changed, you will have a button called RELAUNCH NOW. All the changes made on this screen [chrome://flags] will be effected after the relaunch of Chrome browser. 

Step 7: Tap on the button, now the Chrome browser will be restarted and the address bar will be moved to the bottom of the screen.

Note: If you don’t see the address bar at the bottom after the relaunch, Please force close the app once and launch it may, the changes will be effected.

The above tweak was tested in devices running Android Nougat and Oreo. This option is currently in testing face and it will be soon available as a standard option or a permanent move based on the user suggestions. Please do check it on your device and do let us know your views/doubts via comments.

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