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PCUnlocker Review – Reset, Unlock, Bypass Windows Password

Being a Windows user, we often came across this situation that we forget our password. This will become complicated if you are the administrator of your computer. During this time, we usually reinstall windows to get back access to the operating system, but we will lose the data and plenty of time wasted in installing/reinstalling the software. Imagine a tool, which helps you to reset your forgotten Windows password without any loss of data. Yes, PCUnlocker is a tool from Top Password helps you to sort out the situation in your hard times.

Let’s get into a detailed review about One of the best Password Recovery tool – PCUnlocker from Top Password.

PCUnlocker Review:

PCUnlocker is a software from the company Top Password, which helps you to reset your forgotten Windows password. It is capable of resetting not only your local windows password but can also reset Microsoft accounts along with the option to promote a limited Windows account to administrators. The software is easy, simple to use and it can run on machines with 512 MB of RAM. The software is compatible with the following Windows operating system versions like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. on machines running UEFI or BIOS. It can also be able to reset the domain administrator and user passwords for the Windows Server versions 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 and 2000. Also, it supports both 32-bit and 64-Bit Windows operating systems.

When to Use PCUnlocker:

PCUnlocker can help you to bypass, unlock and reset Windows passwords in a matter of minutes if you come across any of the following situations:

  • If You forgot or lost your Windows password (including Administrator).
  • If You bought a new/used computer and you never knew the password of the existing accounts.
  • If Employees were fired/quit and won’t give you the Windows Password.
  • You know your password but cannot log in because your account is disabled.
  • Your computer/server has been hacked and the password has been changed.
  • You need to regain Admin access to a Windows AD (Active Directory) domain controller.

PCUnlocker Download/Price Details:

PCUnlocker comes in 3 different packages namely Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Please check out the list of features available on all the packages and choose the best one suitable for your need.

Before you buy, you can also try the trial pack. But the trial pack Display all Windows accounts on your PC, but cannot reset the passwords.

Download PCUnlocker

How to Reset Lost Windows Password with PCUnlocker:

In order to get started with PCUnlocker follow the below steps:

1. Buy the software for the official website and download the setup file. The download file will be an ISO file [in Windows 10 and 8 versions you have the built-in extracted to view the iso file contents, other version users use third party tools like 7-Zip/Winrar to view the contents]

2. Now create a bootable CD/DVD drive or USB flash drive from another PC.

3. Insert the CD/DVD or Connect the bootable USB drive to the computer where you forget your password.

4. Start up the computer and choose the first bootable media as CD/DVD or USB according to your need.

5. Once the system is booted with PCUnlocker, The PCUnlocker screen will be shown.

6. In the window, you will have three steps and the first one is to choose the recovery mode, there are two options – Reset Local Admin/User Password and Reset Active Directory Password. Choose any one option.

7. Next step is the Windows SAM (Security Account Manager) registry file – This is a database file which stores the login details of the Windows users in an encrypted format. PCUnlocker will automatically detect the file from your Windows operating system. In rare cases, the file will not be picked automatically by the software, in that case, you will need the browse the same and select.

In a case of Active Directory, it will be the ntds.dit file.

8. The third step has the list of user account details from SAM file. You have to choose the account which you are trying to reset the password. Select the account and then click Reset Password button. A prompt will be popped up with a confirmation message. Click Yes to Continue.

9. Another prompt will be shown to enter your new password, else by default, it will keep the password is blank.

10. In few minutes, a prompt will be shown with the message like Successful Reset Password of account: XXXXXX – XXXXXX is the account name you have chosen. Click OK.

11. Your password has been reset. Click the Restart button and login to your Windows Operating System.

How to ByPass Windows Password with PCUnlocker:

PCUnlocker also allows you to ByPass the windows account password without resetting, simply by disabling the Windows authentication subsystem temporarily. In order to do the same follow the below steps.

1. The first 1 to 8 steps is same as the above which I listed above for resetting the Password.

2. In the 9-step choose the account you want to ByPass and click on the Options button and there you will have an option called ByPass Windows Password. Choose that and restart your computer.

As you are aware that this will allow you temporarily to the system without the password, but this is not the permanent solution if you forget the password.

Tip: In case your hard disk is not detected, the click on the options button and choose Load IDE/SCSI/SATA/RAID Driver to load the same.

Final Verdict:

PCUnlocker is one of the useful software tools I have come across in a while. The software works even with 512 MB of RAM and compatible with most of the Windows Operating Systems. The software takes less than 5 minutes to reset your forgotten password without losing the data. Another main advantage is that it can also able to reset Microsoft account in addition to the local account. Do check out the same and drop comments about your views and experiences about this software.

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